Thoughts on Katy Perry being UNICEF's new Goodwill Ambassador

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From going to this event I learned that Katy Perry went to Madagascar and saw these places where she thought it was wild. She saw a school in which students are inside studying and she was amazed. Also she would go to a center where she talked to women and how these women would tell her their problems. She made a song, Unconditionally, which has a connection to her visit to Madagascar. Also, looking at the video of her in Madagascar she also had fun with the people she saw especially young kids. I also think the way she was speaking about going to Madagascar and seeing how people were leaving. She looked determined and proud to be a Goodwill Ambassador.

I think Katy Perry being UNICEF's new Goodwill Ambassador is great idea. Why?

Because she is successful as a woman and a lot of people look up to her. She is also famous and she can use her fame to inform other celebrities. She said she uses all of her followers on Twitter to inform them on what’s going around the world, such as poverty, education. What is also amazing is her background and how she became famous. I know a lot of people around the world, especially young kids who are inspired by her. Also she said how she has had a lot of connections and she is willing to use those connections to help. These are the reasons why I think Katy Perry is good for this job and I think she will do great.

Overall, I had a great time going to this event and I had no idea Katy Perry was going to be the new Goodwill Ambassador. But I am glad that I went because I see myself becoming a superstar someday and someone that many people will look up to. I learned a lesson that if I make it big time, I will use my fame to help people in need. So, I was glad to go to this event not only because I saw a big celebrity but I also learned something along the way.

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