Thoughts on the Death of Muammar Gaddafi


Ace Zurbito Alba

People may celebrate because a very oppressive rule has ended, but people died, and people kill to end what Gaddafi had began. Gaddafi is a person, even though he may be an unjust or "evil" one. We also know that no one deserves to die violently, although it may have been necessary for the greater good.

In my opinion, the best thing that we could do is to have a moment of silence and give Gaddafi a proper burial, along with others who have died for the cause. We do not need to think of the other side of Gaddafi's character, but at least we could give respect to a dead man. At least, we could remind ourselves that even if necessary, killing other people is still evil.

Think of it as a means to meditate on the atrocities that happened under him. We give respect to him, we at least recognize that he is still a person. I also hope that this helps for other people to forgive or forget what he has done and slowly move on, rebuilding the broken pieces of a nation.

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