To kill or not to kill?


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"Off with their heads!" The Queen of Heart shrieks.

It seems funny at first, how the hot-tempered and easily agitated Queen of Hearts orders almost everyone to be beheaded. But it is not a laughing matter when someone is sentenced to death.

Death penalty is essentially the debate of the century.

It has been put in practice for so long, until a movement of anti-death penalty group began to question its reason and humanity behind it.

The death penalty also discourages people from committing crimes as normal and sane people would not risk their lives to do something which breaches the law, worthy of a death penalty.

And the fact that life imprisonment does not guarantee that the prisoner will be imprisoned for life makes it more acceptable to carry out death penalty. With this, the threat to a society is removed. We simply cannot have mass murderers walking amongst us, targeting the next victim, and strike when the iron is hot.

They say, 'May the punishment fit the crime'. So if a person kills someone, it is only fair to impose the same way of death to them as well.

But don't you think that killing them is offering the easy way out? And this also makes us murderers.

Killers should instead be repentant about what they have done. They should also know what emotional and social impacts they have caused.

The death penalty is also very expensive. And for you people who doesn't really care about the death penalty, it is time to start because the money used on trials and the noose is actually your money. Jury selection for trials to cases regarding death penalties is rather long and strenuous to ensure the fairness of the trial. As everyone is unique and no noose can be used more than once, nooses and specially and individually created according to a person's height and neck sizes.

Has it ever occurred to you that innocent people might be prosecuted as well? There has been many cases where only after the death penalty has been imposed, new leads on the case have been found and it is devastating to find that the one prosecuted is perfectly innocent. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, research has shown that 1 in 7 sentenced to execution in the US are later found to be innocent.

Initially, I didn't really know about this whole pernickety issue about death penalty aside from the Chinese shows where the emperor flings out a piece of wood with the type of capital punishment written on it and the prisoner would be executed. That was all I knew.

Until the case of Yong Vui Kong which caused quite a frenzy here in Malaysia. He was sentenced to the death penalty for carrying heroin from Malaysia over to Singapore back in 2007. He was just 19. Being an illiterate and eager to earn some quick money for his family (he came from a low-income family), he agreed to become a 'runner' for an unidentified criminal boss. Unfortunately for him, he was caught and sentenced to mandatory death penalty. As this case came to light, many have argued that charges against him should be lightened owing to the fact that he didn't know that it was a crime to carry heroin. True, ignorance cannot pardon one from punishment but don't you think that death penalty is too harsh for Vui Kong?

Four years of trials and waiting to die. Vui Kong's prime years in life are all wasted in prison and fighting to live. Imagine what he could have done in that four years.

The death penalty is irreversible and humans do err. While I am not calling for the abolishment of death penalties worldwide, instead it should be used sparingly and with valid reasons.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." Fighting violence with violence will create more bloodshed.

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