To My Stars

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#LoveWins, everyday

#LoveWins, everyday

To My Stars - Each and Every One of You - A Message using Valentines Day an excuse - #LoveWins everyday.

I called not me,

But you a star.

My stars I keep,

Near to my heart.

With every beat,

To all of you,

Pumps messages blessed,

Keep them fresh,

With you.

You all are my,

Daisies boo,

All petals of them,

Fresh roses,

I was never,

Tired of you.

You were my star,

And I was just the darkness,

With you.

Carrying you along,

The flow of life.

Cloaked from them winds,

We share a relationship mystified.

But when I cried,

You jolted me back up,

With your sparks.

Your glowing beams,

Kept me intact,

From bursting apart.

When day came and the sun,

Hurt my eyes,

You my loyal friend,

Also vanished,

Became invisible,

Both of us,

Out of sight.

Yet together.

So what is it?

But love which binds,

What’s lost into found,

Hearts intertwined.

And this spark,

Which bolts,

A connection in between,

No one can throw,

A stone into these,

Electricity beams.

Its love,

My dears,

What we have in between.

If not anything,

But love,

I hope,

We keep,

Our hearts synchronised,


- Unitika Schlawenger

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