Tobacco Tax in Hong Kong


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There are lots of smokers in Hong Kong. While you pass by on the street, you will surely inhale in some air filled with smoke as you walk by. Both smokers and non-smokers are affected by smoking; as unfair as that sounds, it is true and it is called 'second-hand smoking'. Recent researches have also found that passive smokers die more quicker than smokers. According to the study of School of Public Health and Department of Community Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, tobacco is responsible for 5,600 and 1,300 deaths caused by smoking and secondhand smoke respectively.

It is said that the life span of smokers is shorten by 10 years compared to that of smokers. Dozens of diseases (eg. respiratory and heart diseases) arise from consuming cigarettes and most commonly, lung cancer is caused and mainly causes death of smokers. There are different reasons why people smoke, some do so to release stress while many these days smoke due to curiousitiy (mainly the teens nowadays). What will the world come to if this continues? This cannot continue. Cigarettes contain lots of harmful substances like tar which sticks to your trachea and nicotine which causes addiction.

As for a solution, the government is deciding to increase the tax for cigarettes. the tax rate for cigarettes in Hong Kong is just 68% and it is suggested to be above at least 70%. The more they increase the tax rates of cigarettes, the less people will buy the cigarettes and they will smoke less and eventually smoke smoking. Most of the smokers have family members, don't they care about their family? They may, but unfortunately, they cannot stop smoking as they are badly addicted to it. the smokers need a helping hand. And the government and the society is coming up with various solutions so as to help the smokers.

And the tobacco tax rate being increased seems to be the most preferred solution as it is possible to be carried out and it will have a positive outcome. According to a news article, it is believed that the consumption of cigarettes by smokers will reduce and it will help them to quit smoking.

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