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© UNICEF/NYHQ2012-0009/Maitem

© UNICEF/NYHQ2012-0009/Maitem

Tragedy after tragedy, same topic every decade with no absolute idea to do away with the scourge. Climate change with a negative effect in the lives of the old, the young and more especially the youth who are considered to be the leaders of tomorrow. One among many areas of concern is the socio-economic sector. The natural causes of climate change is addressed by a layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun; this protective layer is called the ozone layer. But the activities undertaken by people in different sectors have managed to work against the natural sources of protection. These activities cause global warming. Global warming is the overall increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to the green house effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFC’s and other pollutants. Any increase in temperature will have a negative impact on the lives of all individuals because as the temperature increases by a constant, the north and the South Pole’s ice melts and increases the temperature which, in turn damages the ozone layer. With a well educated generation, there would be no degradation of the next generation. Climate change is a topic that our grand-fathers, grand-mothers, fathers and mothers had tried to handle but letter realized they where aging without educating the leaders of tomorrow. Having a world with so many countries, religions, histories and beliefs the only way to directly target the youths is through the education sector.

Through so many sayings and discoveries, climate change is mostly brought about by: careless storage of plastics; which is still focused on the education sector where chemistry is involved, deforestation; where geography is involved and excessive killing of organisms; where mathematical calculations are involved. Educating the youth will be a positive impact on the environment. When plastics are carelessly kept, they pollute the environment and when they are buried underground they deform the structure of the soil. Educating youth on the effects of plastics on the environment will therefore reduce pollution by plastics.

The water cycle is the most important cycle because it involves the most important resource to man and water. Trees play a great role in the water cycle and the uncontrollable cutting down of trees will therefore lead to a disturbance in the water cycle. Killing of animals that help to maintain a safe and favorable environment like worms that help maintain the fertility in soil and will produce more trees that play a great role in the water cycle will result in poor growth of trees and will disturb the water cycle. Some dreams suffer inspiration. If a survey was to be conducted in different schools, many sensible points would be produced with different views and opinions. The education sector will therefore be used as an instrument to inspire many dreams. As one of the greatest people ever known, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream which was known by many. Obama became the first African-American president of the United States of America, therefore, dreams are meant to be treasured because they come true.

Mining is one of the largest occupations in African countries. Mining also affects a country's economy if the production does not have a surplus. At the same time mining is one agent which leads to pollution of the environment. Polluting our environment will lead to a negative impact of climate change. To prevent mining activities from affecting our climate negatively, miners should also be educated in order to understand the effects of the waste gasses produced during mining. Understanding the effects will lead to inventions that will improve the way of mining and how the environment can be prevented from being polluted. The expense of education in some countries is bringing about one great deal of concern to climate change in the years to come. This is because with a group of uneducated youth, nothing will be known about climate change which they might think is uncontrollable if it later takes place with a rapid destruction.

Education problems are mainly faced in Africa where there are families that can’t afford to pay for the high costs of education. The government must therefore find ways, if possible, how they can help the families that can’t afford the cost of education in order to broaden the ways of fighting climate change. Climate change has affected SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) because the activities undertaken by the SADC member countries are affecting climate change in a negative way while SADC itself is trying to work against the latter. SADC member countries are also found in southern Africa this, therefore stands as a challenge to these countries because they do not have rainfall through out the year. These forces the countries to base there main source of income on activities such as mining which in turn contributes to global warming. Global warming in the southern African countries is making it unfavorable for the farming season because it is increasing the temperatures and making the southern African countries to resort to the same activities that where started without considering climate change. Global warming is also affecting southern African countries where wildlife is concerned. This is because of the high temperatures during the hot. During this season, animals face shortage in the amount grass and tress that provide shelter dry up. This will greatly affect the tourism sector. It is not too late to educate people on how to fight negative climate change. It is better to keep the climate the way it is than making it worse and dealing with a greater problem in future. Having a lot of mines in the region, southern African countries must focus on the ways in which they can recognize new ideas in order to do away with the problem of climate change.

“Education is a key to success”, is a saying known by many but still not used by many. The southern Africa development community must educate the youths on the importance of education, as it is the only way in which youth can be directly addressed about the dangers of uncontrollable climate change. To involve more youth, the Southern Africa Development Community must come up with an idea of promoting school clubs that will educate other pupils on the dangers of climate change. Coming up with companies that can work against the emission of environmental pollutants such as carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbon will greatly help the rate at which climate change is taking place. Some people pollute the environment without knowing, therefore fighting the levels of illiteracy, poverty and ignorance. Foundation of centers where the effects of global warming can be outlined to the people who know nothing about global warming will be of great help to the people in southern Africa. Once known as “the dark continent”, Africa had a lot of resources which are still abundant in great amounts; with the foundation and empowerment of organizations that help to face the negative effects of climate change, an example of such an organization working to fight the negative effects of climate change are UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), using such weapons to fight climate change will result in a favorable environment but the greatest way in which we, as the southern African countries can fight the “doom”, is by educating the youths who are the leaders of the next generation.

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