Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom!

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Violence against women is not a new or recent phenomenon. Women have been the victims of violence in all societies, cultures regions or religious communities in the world.
Today violence against women in India is alarmingly high. According to one estimate, there are about thirty specific forms of violence being committed against women from the pre-natal stage to their death and one in four women experience domestic violence during her life time.

Such forms include foeticide, infanticide, medicine neglect, deprivation of educational opportunities, child marriages, sexual abuse of the girl child, forced marriages, rapes, prostitution, sexual harassment, pregnancies at small intervals, wife-battering, bride-burning, cursing the widows, witch-hunting, neglect of the old women, etc. One can see these forms of violence in his or her own surroundings. Most of the violence against women is related to and grows out of their position in society. If a female foetus is destroyed, it is because a girl child is unwanted as she is seen as a burden. Violence against women is further complicated by other factors in society. Caste, religious, communal and class factors also play a role in the violence against women.
The remedy for violence is not very far to seek. It is within ourselves. All we have to do is be human and give similar treatment to others. Women must organise themselves in groups and raise a collective voice against a system that turns a blind eye towards it. Law-enforcing machinery must be trained and made sensitive on the issue. We must put our efforts into changing attitudes of the youth including all- men and women and encourage more responsible men to voice their views and support this cause. As an attitudinal change in society is required if women are to live in the world as free human beings without fear. So, are you in?

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