Unique programme improves the quality of education in Haiti after the quake


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The first goal of the Education in Emergences and Post-Crisis Transition (EEPCT) programme, a partnership between UNICEF and the Government of the Netherlands, is to improve the quality of education response in emergencies and post-crisis transition countries and territories.

In Haiti, EEPCT funds have made a substantive impact on increasing the capacity of education delivery after the earthquake in January 2010. The programme is helping to rapidly restore quality education while ‘building back better’ for young Haitians – striving to get all children in school in a country where enrolment and attendance were poor even before disaster struck.

To read a new UNICF story, please visit: www.educationandtransition.org/resources/unique-programme-improves-the-quality-of-education-in-haiti-after-the-quake/

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