"Universal Program of Environment Protection"

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Dear Friends of the Whole Universe,

Pollution is one of the biggest problems in the whole world. So many predictions have been made by astrologists and scientists about the "Green House Effect" and "Global Warming due to increasing pollution" while the whole world is facing problems of Floods, Uncertain Rain and Snowfall, Ice Melting, Desertification, Heat Waves and Increasing Sea Levels.

As a citizen of India, I want to make a request to the United Nations to Initiate a worldwide program. This program should cover all the necessary measures to control the pollution and protect the environment. The motto for this universal environment Protection program is "Tree Plantation, Forest Preservation and Animal Protection".

Some strong measures must be taken by every nation of the World for Environment Protection, as for example:

1] Students should be taught about the adverse effect of unnecessary industrialization & adverse effects of desertification, Ice Melting, Heat Waves, Floods & Increasing Sea Levels and the Importance of "Tree Plantation, Forest Preservation and Animal Protection".

2] Strong Initiatives should be taken for the reduction of the use of Oil, Petrol and Diesel, means Crude Oil and its based products to Reduce Pollution.

3] We must promote a New Technology of Production by using Natural sources of Energy like Biomass, Solar Energy, Winds or Waves Energy and Water Flow with Advanced Technology to Purify Industrial Wastes to Protect Environment.

4] Some Environment diluting Industries and Production Technologies should be banned by all the Countries of the World by issuing a list of highly Polluted Industries and Production Technology during the World wide Universal Environment Protection's Conference.

5] Strict Punishment must be given to the Top 10 Polluted Countries of the World by way of reducing their supply of various Products of Necessity & Financial Assistance of the United Nations, the Developed Nations and the World Bank with Special Incentives to the Top 10 less Polluted Nations for their Contribution to the Reduction of Pollution.

6] United Nations should form a Committee which includes a Representative of all the Member countries of the world. There should be 3 Persons to inspect the proper Implementation of the program in each Member Country.This Environment Protection Program is to be Implemented in Consultation with the concerned Nation's Government and other Regulatory bodies.

7] High Pollution making Industries should be closed or their Polluting Production pattern must be changed within some given Time limit of the Government in Consultation of the Environment Protection Committee of the United Nations.

8] This committee should make the Examination of the Environment related aspects of all the Nations by making various Initiatives. The Simple Parameter of Measurement is the Availability of Pure Water, Air and Nutritious Food to the Citizens and Minimum or less Polluted Industrial Production Pattern of different member Nations of Committee.

9] This "Universal Environment Protection Program" is possible only when it is organized and supported by the world’s powerful countries. I therefore want to request them to make strong efforts for this program and it’s effective implementation.

Thank you and please reply me your Opinions about saving our Environment from pollution and please excuse me for any language related Mistake because my intention is to convey my thoughts to the Intellectual people of the World. Thank you very much.

Pinkal K. Bhatt, Vadodara- Gujarat, India. E-mail:- pinkalbhatt@rediffmail.com I am Thankful to Great Lifetime Struggler Parents for Motivating me towards "HUMANITY" and its Importance for Human Beings..... My Father Kishorbhai K. Bhatt and my Mother Pritiben K. Bhatt.

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