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University of Maryland Students Connect4Climate

The University of Maryland Students Connect4Climate is an ongoing connection project between UMD students and The World Bank about climate change. The event has taken place at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC, and Dr. Sibilski, the professor of the university's contemporary social problems class took several students to the event to encourage young people to connect for climate change.

After the event, the whole sociology class which consists of 50 students assisted me and my crew to make a video, showing their passion and enthusiasm towards the connection of other young students concerning climate change, right here, right now, together.

▷Follow-up: University of Maryland Students' Earth Day Resolutions

▷This Earth Day Video is a follow-up of our UMD Students Connect4Climate project. Having the Connect4Climate Crew coming to our class and sharing insights about climate change inspires us to talk, promote, and act. We filmed several students talking about their Earth Day Resolutions and edited it as a short movie. We also urge every one who cares about the world to connect with us and share your own resolution!

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