"Veritas vos liberabit" and why education is important

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"The truth will set you free." It was written in the Bible and while some of us deny the quality of this truly ancient document, just as I did, you might want to think as to why this book remained on the shelves of so many libraries and in the hearts of so many people for that long a time.

The truth is also a very subjective concept. It is a belief forged by the reasonable collecting and selection of information. In itself the truth is knowledge. The more knowledge you have of the world, of people, of events, the better you can understand things, and therefore the closer you get to the truth.

Today Wikipedia is a pupil's best friend, the Internet feeds us with so much information on a daily basis that often, while searching for legitimate info on a certain problem, we get rather lost. Lost in the flood of websites and "sources" and all these versions of the truth. Until one day we wake up and find our 10 year old siblings talk about things they've misunderstood and conspiracy theories and basically showing an entirely WRONG understanding of the world. And we, as young people, often arrogantly claim we do not need education and we don't need guidance. Well, yes, I can agree, we could change the curriculum, lose all the unnecessary knowledge that is being stuffed in our heads, make it more about critical thinking and information processing, crisis management and so on. But never lose it. Never lose it. Because education gives us so very much. Not just friends and experiences. Not just high school parties. And though they may have, at least in my country, a little bit lost their way in recent years, schools are our path to truth. They're our "Curiosity", on Earth.

Education gives us an exciting environment to blossom in. It doesn't serve us Veritas on a silver plate - it doesn't build a ladder to greatness. It gives us all the tools to build one. All the instruments to set aside all that is irrelevant and all lies and reveal the truth to ourselves.

And at the end, facing towards the new challenges of life, if we have made the best out of our school years, we look at the World with new eyes.

My truth may not be your truth. And no truth is a constant truth. But we need to make our beliefs - who I am; what the world is; what life is; what I want to do with my life; how I am going to do it; how I can help the world. Any uneducated man can google himself. But that wouldn't tell you who you really are, would it? Only you can answer that question. And education's purpose is to give you the ability to consume all the data and forge a new statement out of it.

The truth is not out there - it is inside you. Like the truth about gravity was inside Newton. Like the truth about the Universe was embed inside Einstein's brain. Like some new, unbelievable truth lies, buried, inside you. Not in Wikipedia... In a much more awesome computer, called the human brain. The best one on the market yet. And it's waiting to be set free.

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