Victory In The Face Of Disaster

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You would imagine that with the pressure of thousands of children arriving at camps, tired, ill and worn down by extreme weather and days of desperately waiting and searching for a bite of food or water, that hope would be lost with schools.

Today, there are over, 155 IDPs schools, since last year September in Mogadishu. In, October 37,000 students have been given the chance for education, despite being malnourished , sick and victim to the drought that has displace many and killed thousands. Schools lack resources, sharing what is needed, but children intent on learning, sit on the floor eager to see what can be taught to them. Although many arrive, unable to walk, and in desperate need of medical attention, with the help of UNICEF and other organizations, the children are soon eager to start school. Lisa Doherty, pointed out that many schools, have had to close because of the droughts. However, despite this, UNICEF make a concerted effort to keep learning facilities open. “In some cases there have been massive influxes of communities and school-aged children into urban areas where there aren’t school facilities to absorb them all,”Says, Lisa Doherty. Doherty, continues to explain: “We will have to install additional learning spaces in schools where they will have to absorb additional children, and we will have to recruit and train teachers probably very quickly to fill the gaps.”

Whilst thousands are getting opportunity to be schooled, a further 1.8 million of children aged between 5 and 17 are not getting the opportunity to an education. This is what makes, the learning camps so important. Lisa Doherty, continues to explain, Somalia had one of the lowest enrollment rates in the world with less than 30 per cent of children attending primary school before the crisis,”. She continues to explain, “We’re anticipating even worse figures as schools try to re-open in September. But if we activate our emergency response, we can make a huge difference.”

Schooling holds a precious position in the Horn of Africa. At school, or the learning centers, children can find safety, attention, and food. Most of all, children get a chance at creating a secure future.

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