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Youth Foundation of Bangladesh - Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Project named “Hands Up For MDGs Success”. We are promoting new Idea for MDGs Success as UN decision.



Every village in Bangladesh will be under Cooperative Project. All educated unemployed youth will be the focal point of this project. Those youths who move aimlessly from one end to another end of the village. The cooperative society will be established with these aimless youths. All families of the village will be under this project. The number of membership from the one family can be more than one. Initially this cooperative society will be established by taking minimum subscription form each member. The minimum could be BDT 10 per day. The advisory committee of this cooperative society will consists of those old people who has acceptability in the society.

The main objective of this project is to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The objectives which we can achieve under this project are:

1. We will want sub-project from every family at appropriate intervals. The best project from poor family will receive loan without interest at easy installment from this project. For example if anybody wants to invest into a fishery farm but s/he doesn’t have money to invest then, we will help him/her if s/he is a member of this cooperative project. We can achieve self-dependency on food under this project which is the main objective of Millennium Development Goals.

2. This cooperative society will play an important role to enlighten people of every village in the light of education. Under this project, we will take education awareness program.

3. Under this project, we will try to ensure the participation of women in everywhere. To get capital from this project women will be encouraged to submit research plan on a sub project. In this way, women will come out and will employ themselves into real life work which will escalate their thinking level and can also play role in their family.

4. Under this project, we will undertake different types of awareness program. We will work to reduce infant mortality and will take awareness program to make learn women how to take care for herself and for the baby during pregnancy.

5. Health is the root of all happiness. So, we will undertake health awareness program under this cooperative project. Every member of this project will be brought under this health awareness program.

6. AIDS is a serious and deadly disease. The trend of AIDS in Bangladesh is on increasing level. As every family will be under this cooperative project so, we will be able easily to undertake awareness program to aware people about the harmful affects of the HIV and AIDS.

7. Tree plantation will be another sub project under this cooperative society. A country needs at least 25% forest area to live in a better environment where Bangladesh has only 17% forest area. So, we need more and more tree plantation to live in a better environment.

So, when all family will be under this cooperative society, development will happen. If we can bring all family under one umbrella through this cooperative society then, peace, happiness and discipline will come to our door and we will be able to build a prosperous society and this peaceful society can be a role model for the world.

When different sub projects will come out through this project then, youth will be busy with their work which in turn will create a peaceful and wealthy society.

Now, our research work is going on for this village cooperative society and it will take another few months to complete the research work. We need strong campaign for this cooperative society. For that we have taken some campaign program in the way of stage drama, TV drama, music , Seminar, Benner, Festoon, leaflet, concert etc. This type of campaign will attract young people easily.

Almost every university is under our committee which will help to implement our project. We are heading through YFB (Youth Foundation of Bangladesh) to form committee under every Thana (Sub District). By this time, we have taken many awareness programs.

We greatly appeal to all conscious and aware people of the world to come to our side and help us to implement our initiative. Please help us. We want to award the world a peaceful earth where there will be only peace and peace.

We hope UN will take right decision if it will be effective way to success MDGs. World Leaders welcomed to work globally for VILLAGE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY, or if have any idea additional for attach please share on Table.

In the prospect of Africa change we can promote this idea as well as success to MDGs.

To Implement Village Cooperative Society seeking Financial Aid organization and supporters as part of Youth Foundation of Bangladesh..

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