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Here is my confession during times of an economic crisis:

I’m a young individual living in confined space, constructed with thin walls of a penny drop awaking, yet still unprivileged of the democratic change fought for. Parents identified and defined by 2nd level tax bracket, eating dinner of just two items in plate with occasional additives from Sunday lunch. I seek to find greener grass and a modus operandi;

Mind of an opportunist, and soul of a hard-man-ship I push, and identify opportunities of living the pleasure of my daily neuron stimulation. I studied human resources management to subject to how my parents came back home DAILY fatigued, and couldn’t be there for me in times of need. My dad working on holidays and still getting normal rate for overtime and for those annual reading to my parents informing them about their income tax certificate (IRP5), and for the random shock inflicted by salary slips, and the ignorance towards deductions of employees, which earnestly are, my parents. And with the protection fee which leaves you vulnerable- Unions. And the occasional conversations of my parents of employee disputes at work, and the unsatisfactory of their Salaries.

I am Mashele Mpilonde Manyike, a 22 year old, I help employees submit their IRP5 certificates, officered in my Bedroom, with motives of contributing the little of self -time to employees for family spending, rather than waiting in long quiries which will result in acquiring, and transmitting the stress to their families, including giving legal advice from educational human resource hand books towards income tax certificate statements, on Enlightening employees into their financial status to a company.

In the world of the internet, I am presenting myself to the industry of generational intelligence keeping in mind that “pursue bigger and you shall achieve."

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