We can end Bullying in school, Yes I believe.


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Bullying almost sounds unsolvable, but I beg to differ; we can end this horror together. The biggest question is: Why do people/students bully others?

Based on my arguments people/students bully others due to the following reasons:

a) Due to different social status

b) Insecurity – in this I mean personal reasons e.g. girl to boy relationship.

c) Peer pressure also contributes a lot.

d) Lack of respect.

I want to share a story with all the teens and youth out there. Bullying is real and it knows no bound. When I joined my High School I was assigned class monitor; here students bullied me because they were afraid that I would tell on them, but I didn’t become what they feared as a substitute. I became friends with the entire class and had good friends. When I graduated to the next class I was elected the school president, it didn’t get better, but worse. I worked hard to maintain a good relationship with every member of the school through the power of self-esteem, self-strength, and the confidence in me. As a leader you must be ready- ready for any kind of challenge.

As the school president I got the chance to understand students:

i. I learnt that if a student fails in class all the time he/she find favour in bullying other hence satisfaction.

ii. I learnt that due to lack of peer education classes, many students end up having low self-esteem and allow others to bully them. I was once told by a student that "high school is no place for the weak."

iii. I learnt that some students bullied the rich kids since they themselves couldn’t afford certain things in school hence insecurity.

iv. I learnt that bullying is very painful for the victim and it ended up having a negative impact on the victim and the perpetrator.

v. Teachers favouring specific students also caused bullying

As a student present, I have several solutions and working together with teachers we achieved our goal:

i. Teaching students to co-exist peacefully among themselves.

ii. Teaching students to respect each other and relate as friends

iii. Creating uniformity that creates equal chances to each and every student in the school.

iv. In each school in the world peer education classes should be offered. Through the peer education club, student relations improve with friendly(straight talk clubs)

v. Strengthening the student, teacher, monitor and president relationship. Many bullying cases never reach to the teacher.

vi. Education – yes education is the best platform to help stop the horror of bullying.

Ever noticed why there is less bullying in universities compared to High School and Pri School? My answer would be everyone is cool and has the courage and confidence in themselves.

Parents should act as a peace ambassador.

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