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1) We Need The World to Help West Papua Dear people in the world, I’m still writing from my deepest heart with tears on the emergency situation today where Indonesian military blocked, arrested and shot the peaceful demo coordinated by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in whole regent in West Papua.

I want let you know that today people of West Papua carried out terror, intimidation, arresting, and shooting to the peaceful demo who were demanding the right of self determination (referendum), and to immediately urging UN to send Observer to organize referendum in West Papua As a leader of KNPB, i have been contacted to the police to give the room of democracy so that people could mediated by KNPB to express their political right under the Indonesian law also international law, but chef of Papua Police Tito Karnavian didn’t allow us.

Today, we just demonstrate in front of the campus and we did not disturb public but police came with full power and attack directly to the peaceful demo. More then ten people shot by Police and we just identified 4 people named: Melkias Wanagau, Maikel Sama, Melkias Wanagau and Adison Peyon. They were injured to the hospital (watch the vide here http://www.metrotvnews.com/read/newsvideo/2012/10/23/162405/Demo-Komite-Nasional-Papua-Barat-Berujung-Bentrok/6).

In Jayapura, join forces from Police, TNI, Koppassus, Densus 88 and BIN accopied all the public places, road and whole houses. I lead thousands people but we have been blocked, arrested also intimidated by them. 5 of our people already arrested and released.

In Sorong and pak-pak, peaceful coordinator and leader of the KNPB in the regent already been arrested by police. One day before demo, 2 of our leader of KNPB Biak Island were also arrested. In Timika, Densus 88 and Brimob arrested 2 of KNPB leader and 6 friends. They are in jail now. Hundreds more people of West Papua have been occupied police office in Timika to urge police to release but they the police did not release them.

We are under more attack just because we lead peace demo in West Papua. So that we need people in the world who committed to the humanity, justice and freedom on the people in the world to give more concern and to urge your government to use right as member of UN to solve the emergency situation in West Papua.

We are needing the fact finding, observer, also peace keeping from UN in West Papua. Indonesian government is already failed to protect us as human in West Papua. We need your help. Thank you for your help, Victor Yeimo

Chairman of KNPB

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