What can money do?

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With money, you can solve many problems.

With money, you can solve many problems.

Money is an important and very useful mean in our days, it gives us the chance to enjoy the life and be more creative.. It would be very hard for someone who doesn't have enough money to try to give something to his society and be an important part of it. Sometimes, I imagine myself with a large amount of money and I ask: " What can I do with it? How do I invest my money and help my community at the same time?" It wasn't easy to find the answer but I came to realize that investing in education can be the perfect thing.

Education is a very important sector because it's the only way to build a powerful country. If we want to protect the future of our communities and countries, we have to focus on the sector of education it can help us to have a new generation that knows its rights and duties It can give something to the country. I believe we have many things to add to the actual educational system, and we have to give our children the opportunity to use the new technology in their study. Our children can produce but they need the means to do that.

If I were a millionaire, I would invest in the sector of education because of its importance. I would buy electronic devices ( Such as computers and tablets ) and give them to schools and colleges so that our boys and girls would profit and use them in their researches and projects. I think this new generation needs to know more about the world that surrounds it and to have a deep relationship with the technology to see the pros and cons of it because our children need to make use of technology in their life. And since I belong to a country that suffers because it's a part of the third world, I know that so far, the new generation (In the Third World) isn't profiting of the new technology and students in my country don't use different inventions. I'm sorry but I think it's a sad reality because why did scientists and inventors work hard to give us this technology? I believe they want us to use it in multiple fields and sectors.

If I had money, I would also build new schools and universities to give the chance to those boys and girls who live in remote areas to have a good education because it's their right. Equality and social justice must be provided and distance must not prevent us from giving those little children the right to have their own school and their own teachers.

If I were able to do that, I wouldn't stop. I would also build new factories because that will help young people by giving them a job. Educating those young people without giving them the chance to help the country with their knowledge won't be good to the community, it will only lead them to organizing many protestations which will lead eventually to violence, so why don't we avoid all that by a simple solution which is providing a job? I think I would also help young people in launching their own societies and enterprises because some of them have big plans and dreams but they don't have enough money so helping these young people will give them the determination to achieve what ever they want.

There are other things to do like building small parks in every neighborhood for our children to play, financing researches and helping the young inventors, building tourist areas and plenty more and I believe each one of us has a great idea so why don't you share yours:

What would you do if you had money? How would help your community and solve problems of your country?

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