What do you think affects the availability of food security?

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Food security is defined as the availability of food and ones access to it. The World Food Summit defined food security as existing “when all people at all times have access to safe, sufficient, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. It is a complex sustainable development issue linked to health through malnutrition, but also to sustainable economic development, environment and trade. In fact, food security is the imperative prerequisite for the economic and social stability of any nation. Things affecting food security includes global water crisis, falling water table reserves, due to widespread over-pumping and irrigation, climatic change and rising global temperature. They are beginning to have a ripple effect on crop yields, forest resources, and water supplies and altering the balance of nature. The main activities involved in the food security are the production of enough food grains and its proper storage and the distribution process. Improved farming methods includes the contribution of many environmentalist, these ideas are used for increasing the availability of food. Food processing plays a main role in the storage process of the produced grains. Conservation of stored food products is known as food processing.

Proper distribution must be done in the distribution process for the people living in the rural area. The people who live in the rural area suffer from a lot of health hazards and they don’t have their basic needs fulfilled. The people who don’t have their basic needs fulfilled are the ones who are in the poverty line. The first and foremost millennium development goal of the UNO “is to eradicate poverty and hunger “by 2015. Accesses to food, nutrition, safety and cultural appropriateness or adequacy of food are some sustainable measures that can be implemented. Interaction with administrative, social and political leaders to devise a collaborative plan of action to ensure food security for a short term as well as for a long term. Taking action for enhancing food production by increasing cultivated areas as well as the productivity and yield by better farming methods, seeds, manure and new technology. Eradication of poverty is a tedious task but with the help and support of the government and the citizens can make it possible.

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