What is MyCity+20?


Andrew McCornack

MyCity+20 is a movement aiming to educate and mobilize young people on sustainable development issues, through simulations of the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development.

This growing global movement challenges young people to simulate the UN negotiations, to think about what is happening in the world and to personally commit to act for a prosperous future. By organizing simul-actions all over the world, MyCity+20 is educating and mobilizing thousands of young people to make a better tomorrow.

Throughout the MyCity+20 events, young people have worked together with one idea in mind: we cannot afford to fail. And they came up with youth statements, principles and ideas that will make a better tomorrow. This is why we decided to build upon the outcomes of the MyCity+20 events and to make these principles and ideas available online so that everyone can support them.

We are convinced that if we speak up clearly enough, from many countries, from many cities, if we bring together a hopeful and meaningful message, we can bring about positive change.

MyCity+20 events have already taken place in Dhaka, Guangzhou, Kinshasa, Mumbai, New York, and Vienna. Upcoming events are planned in Kathmandu, Hidalgo, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, Sao Paolo, Brisbane, Mexico City, Yaounde, and Paris.

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