When People Like You.


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My last article, the one about the oil crisis was very popular in my opinion (yay!) And I was accually thinking about it,beacuse so many people liked my article,i felt so happy! When someone likes you, you feel good about yourself. When more and more people like you you feel better and better.

Hence, the popular kids at a school, so many people like them because they are popular. But of course, the "nerds" and "geeks" are the ones usually driven to suicide.Thats probably mostly because the kids don't feel the need to make the not so popular kids feel like people like them. I'm homeschooled so the best example i can really do is this: i am babysitting my sister right now and i just got finished making some hot coco.

Of course, my six-year-old sister loves it. instead of hating me for doing soething nice, she (of course) said "oh oh thank you!!! i love you soooo much,sissy! your the best!!" so was that a boost of self-esteem for me, or what? (dont say "or what") see? when people like you, you feel great! okay, thats all i have motovation for today! bye


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