Where is the education before and after natural disasters

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Source: Republika.co.id

Source: Republika.co.id

As I have written in my previous post, Indonesia is experiencing some natural disasters; big floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and occasional storms. These disasters have caused so much loss to a lot of citizens in Indonesia. The victims may directly be affected, but other groups of people also feel the disadvantages of these disasters. It becomes harder to reach several places, the train cannot be used because its rail is covered by water from floods, trading activities are decreasing, and others. Moreover, if we want to talk about loss, we can’t count it just by the loss of their capital or wealth. We also have to include the loss of people and death. The latest news said that about 15 persons died because of extremely high temperatures and smoke of Mount Sinabung.

From this condition, some people said that it is better to put the first-aid of natural disasters and first thing to do when it comes to natural disasters as a subject in curriculums. However, the government said that it is too hard and complex to have as a new subject for students. It is possible to have as an extracurricular activity or club.

I totally agree with this statement. Clubs will teach students how to save their lives and how to save other lives during a natural disaster. They will also learn about the places that they might choose to stay, whom to call, and what kind of medicine is needed. More importantly, they can share their knowledge with others, at least their family, so that everybody will understand what they have to do when a disaster comes. The lesson and activities in that club will include the Dos and DONT's when disasters happen and what can you do when you stay at the camp.

With this kind of geographical location—between two continents and two oceans, having the ring of fire and some faults below the sea—Indonesia is more likely to have natural disasters, even if all of the citizens already throw the garbage on the garbage can or there is no more illegal logging, because there are somehow geographical factors that may cause these disasters. That’s why, the knowledge of natural disasters and the first-thing-to-do when it comes to natural disasters is socialize.

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