Where is the Peace?


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Each and every time I look around the world a question arises in my mind, "Where is the peace?" People are killing each other, trying to harm one another. But, is it only for power? Is this what Islam teaches us? Is this what we are here for? In Quran Allah (SWT) says;

"We sent thee not, but as a mercy for all creatures" (Al-anbiya 107)

But what we people are doing completely contradicts the above verse. An expensive watch, car, or any other material thing is worth more than the life of an innocent man. Our forefathers may not be rich in material things but they were rich in emotions. At that time people cared for each other. There is no discrimination on the basis of religion sect, casts, or money. All people have equal rights, but now the situation is alarming and a threat to all humanity. I believe that the ones who are powerful kill the other country people to establish their rule in the world. Thats what animals do. So are we humans converting into animals? It's sad but it's the bitter reality. Like animals the one who is powerful is killing the one who is least powerful and cycle goes on. People are becoming emotionless with suicide attacks, bomb attacks, target killings, hunger and people dying from all these terrible events. Unless or until we are safe we don't care for any other person, but thats not how it should be. We are humans, not machines. We are here to establish peace and not violate world peace.

Albert Einstien says;

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."

So we need to develop understanding between all the nations of the world that love for humanity is more important than their love for power. Why are people so depressed? They have every facility but they are not satisfied. There is only one answer to all these questions beacause we are lacking the "Peace." Inner Peace is important for our soul to be satisfied but when the world is not at peace then how can souls be happy and content? Peace starts with a smile. When people care for each other and believe in sharing rather than snatching. As an individual we can help the world to be at peace by inspiring ourselves to be at peace with ourselves. Always believe that people can make a difference. Believe in yourself and if you want to be happy, start caring about world peace. It is the responsibilty of each and every individual living on planet earth to enforce peace. Just keep in mind what you want to give your upcoming generation. A world with no peace or a world in which they are free? Independant and happy. It's up to you just believe in one sentence.

"Peace starts with you . . . "

So develop unity among yourself and try hard for world peace. Raise your voice if you care for PEACE.

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