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First of all, it's such an honor to post my first article in this amazing platform. I chose to write a small peace of introduction so everyone gets to know me better because isn't that the purpose of writing? To get people to know you, to know about your ideas and thoughts? For me, it surely is.

I'm a simple young guy from an African country called "Algeria", my name's Zinelabidine but people often call me " Zine or Zinou ". I don't know why but I guess it's because my name is too long :D. I'm 18 and a half years old and I've been writing since I was a little boy. Writing is my passion and I can't go to sleep unless I write something even if it is just few lines. I'm a student that writes about multiple subjects and topics, especially those political and economic ones. I just try to deliver the message I have via my articles. I can't stay without doing anything while seeing bad things happening in this world. I try to be the change I want to see, and I believe we're all responsible. We all have the moral responsibility to say no to the crimes, no to the violations, and no to all the bad things.

I feel very bad when I see that picture of that little child who is going to die because he didn't find something to eat in a country that suffers from famine, I feel responsible when I see a little girl who was raped by an older guy because of child marriage. I feel terribly sorry for that young woman who was killed by some extremists because she changed her religion and they acted like they were the soldiers of God! I feel horrible for what's happening in this world and the thing that keeps awake at night is that I couldn't do a thing about all these killings, violations and crimes. That's why I chose to hold my pen and start writing. I'm doing this blogging internship to make sure that my voice and my ideas will reach as many people as possible. For me, exchanging your thoughts with people is the only way to make the change you want. You must say what you think is best for your community, you must defend what you think is right. For me, I don't care about the religions of others. I don't care if they were black or white, Jews or Muslims or Christians, Asians or Africans, Americans or Hispanics. I only care about their thoughts; I care about what they have to add to our world, what they can do and what they will do, I care about their cases and issues. I do not care about their faces' color. I care about their plans, not their race. I care about their principals and ideas; not their religion or which God they believe in. That's the person I am and the person I will always be.

Well, I hope you like this little introduction and it would be my honor to tell you the next time about my community and what makes me proud of being a part of it.

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