Who Are 'Our Own?'

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The title of my ramblings is very much a question I face people with far too frequently. Everyone will have heard the phrase ‘we should help our own’ being flung around at one time or another when discussions over charity arises. What I ask you is how do we define this concept of ‘our own.’ Is our own our next door neighbour? Those that live in Scotland? Britain? Europe? United Nations? I feel that any sort of use of the term ‘our own’ is used when a person is justifying why not to help those in other countries. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that there is a massive need, deprivation and inequality in UK as well as other countries, albeit a very different need but a need nonetheless. But why should we only ‘help our own’ and treat those that no one helps due to their location. The problem being the narrower you think of the concept of ‘your own’ the easier it is for poverty to arise. If a rich part of a town class their immediately surrounding area as their own and the impoverished outskirts nothing to do with them, then those on the outskirt have the potential of being completely neglected. Similarly if you classify your countries as your own it makes it too easy to disregard other countries in need.

This concept of ‘our own’ is a way to turn a blind eye to those out with the parameters of your conception of ‘your own.’ I ask you to broaden your horizons and mind to the idea that everyone is our own. We are all on the same earth, arrived the same way and out of potluck were placed in any random old part of the world.

The argument that it is the government’s responsibility and this is why we should only help our own angers me. I agree that the corruptness of a government is a toxic asset to any country and has a massive effect on those in need but people can be all to quick to say it’s the governments fault and point the finger at them to correct it. Evidently the government is not dealing with it so instead of saying it’s their responsibility, make it YOUR responsibility. In my opinion we should all be responsible for every human being on the earth but clearly we can’t help everyone. What we can do is not completely disregard those that don’t live in the parameters of our own by asking what is the greater need instead of who is our own? You may feel that the homeless are a greater need or those affected by HIV or the disabled and decide to help this cause, but by asking who you want to help instead of where you want to help has the potential of a richer life.

Just food for thought, pardon my ramblings but even if one person broadens their mind from this then I’m happy.

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