Who is a Leader of Conservation?


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Wangarai Maathai

Wangarai Maathai

Do you know what conservation is? Conservation consists of three meanings which are: to protect the environment, to preserve the genes, and to maintain life support system as well as to use products based ecosystem wisely.
To attain the meanings, we need leaders who have the appropriate characteristics to embed the soul of conservation principles.

Some criteria of leaders of conservation are:
1. Commitment, trustworthiness, and integrity: the conservationists should have such traits because it will be easy to persuade the other human beings to protect the environment. The leaders should also be able to keep the commitment which is given by the others.
2. Liability and never give up: The nature is a boon from God to the living, so that the human beings should be responsible to protect the environment without overuse. In addition, the leaders should endeavor on doing the right ways to the environment,
3. Teamwork: Leaders cannot do everything individually, but by teamwork. The conservationists could link a work by engage the other humankinds. So by teamwork, the problems and duties will be easily tackled.
4. Love the nature is like his/her self: We should be realize that our nature is a part of our self. We tend to depend on the nature like symbiosis. It will be impossible to disintegrate ourselves from the environment.

We can imitate positive characteristics from the prominent superheros who have conserved the environment of being sustainable, such as the prophet of Islam: Muhammad SAW, Muhammad Yunus – Bangladesh, Wangari Maathai – Kenya, Prof. Kaji – Srilanka, Ms. Kurshida-Bangladesh and so on. We are being able of, because we are leaders of change…so let’s change the world by changing your heart and thoughts.

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