Who is the victim in cyber bullying?

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consequences of cyber bulling.

consequences of cyber bulling.

Who's the victim: the bully who was once bullied or you who are being bullied?

Lately the number of bullying has increased mainly in schools and community's here in KITWE because those who are being bullied are in turn bullying others. An example is in a schools were a child who has been bullied will put his anger and frustration out on someone else on a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and GTalk becoming a cyber bully and the chain is made. The effect of cyber bullying is proving to be very harmful to us youth in schools that are the victims and not the bullies. I too have been a victim of cyber bullying when an embarrassing picture of me was posted without my consent on Facebook .As a result I was socially scared because of my classmates’ reaction when they saw me passing by the corridors.

What can be the solution to cyber bulling?

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