Why am I proud of my community?

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I often say: " You should be proud of being who you are and where you come from, don't try to pretend you belong to another country or another community.. You're who you are and you should be proud no matter what! ". I believe in each community, there are good and bad things, there are all types of humans ( the good, the bad and the ugly ), there are no perfect communities like the philosophes hope, there are no communities without problems and issues. But no matter what, it's up to us to solve our communities' problems, it's up to us to make our communities look better, it's up to us to try to build our countries and our communities because beside us, there is no one who will care about our communities.

Actually, I live in Algeria where I was born, I'm a part of a big Algerian community and I'm really proud of that. I understand and know the greatness of my country and my community, we're the nation who's forced the French colonization to get out of our land even after a century and thirty years. What's great about my community is that it never lose hope and never will, it believes there's always something good that will come after very bad moments, that there's always some kind of solutions, and even now while we're facing many dangerous problems but we surely believe that we'll find our way out of this situation. I'm not going to deny that we've our issues, I'm not going to deny also that there are many things which doesn't look good and that some of us are pessimists. But as we always say: In history of the great nations, there are always ups and downs, it doesn't mean we're like that for now that we'll remain like that for ever.

I can say we're a community who is known for its will, energy and love of the country. Each one of us knows his responsibility, knows that his country needs him, believes that without trying we won't get a thing. Some people try to show the Algerian community as if it's a dangerous, a violent and a bad community who is in war with every single person on this planet, they try to picture us as if we're a nation who hates every one and doesn't respect other nations and communities. As an Algerian, I can guarantee you that this isn't the truth, we're tolerant and forgiving, open-minded and calm, we never hurt someone unless he hurts us first, we never try to take something which isn't ours, but at the same time ( and this is our right ), we defend and fight for our dignity, our country and our rights.

I believe we're on our way to be a better nation, there are many obstacles but we're ready for them. We've a new generation who has the will and the determination to do what ever it takes to show the world who we are and what we can really do. I've faith in this new generation because it loves the country and it knows that the only way to improve this community is by education and science, nothing more and nothing less.

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