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One of the things I hate most about our society is that everyone is so obsessed with their reputation, social status, etc., and no one ever just acts naturally anymore. When I say act naturally, or be oneself, I don't mean in the fake expressive, artistic sense, but in the sense of just existing naturally as they are.

The vast, vast majority of society, which consists of these types of people, can be roughly divided into these basic two camps:

1. People who only care about being "popular", and fitting in.

2. People that try to be "different" just because they think it's "cool."

[side note] my assortment of a large chunk of people into various stereotypes is not a result of my place in any sort of high school social scene. I am a college student, and I still see some of these stereotypes in my environment as well. Some of them I don't see too much anymore. But the basic point I was trying to make still stands.

The summary of this is that almost everyone just cares about how popular they are, their social status, etc., and the few that don't only accept a "different" identity if it means being different in a "cool" way. For only a very few elite in this world, will it suffice to be different in a way that is not "cool" or "epic" or some media-perpetuated Nickelback, "Kafkaesque", or otherwise stylish cliche.

This dis-ingenuity (think that's the right word to use) that I see everywhere seems to translate into the adult world as well.

Conformist parents always tell their kids "don't give into peer pressure" and "make the right decision" when it comes to drugs, but that is only because these values that make one "cool" as a kid/teenager no longer apply to the adult social scene that the parents now exist in. Adult drug users are stereotyped as "losers", not "cool", and thus they reject these values.

The adults and adult parents give into peer pressure and seek social status among their own peers as well. That is why you invite your coworker and his wife over for dinner and wipe the dried tomato sauce and other crumbs off the dinner table and make the table for the first time in months just for one awkward, socially uncomfortable night of boring conversation among the men about their stock options and alumni associations while the women discuss pumpkin pie recipes and the reading from last week's neighborhood book club meeting.

Some people might argue that it is human nature to look for acceptance from our peers, and this may be true. But it is a superficial argument. The distance to which so many go out of their way to either be popular, cool, or both, and the extent to which they suppress who they really are (not "who they are" in the fake artistic sense, but in the plain and natural sense) is quite disgusting in my opinion.

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