Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?


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Children and youths play an important role in the future for a country, the future depends on them. Why it is important for youth to have voice in business?

Afghanistan has one of the highest proportions of young people in the world; more than 70 percent of Afghanistan’s population is under 25 years of age. This only fact shows that it is imperative that children and youth be engaged in the business world in one form or another as tomorrow depend on them. Unfortunately Afghanistan has gone and still going on through hard times and our parent’s generations only saw war and we are experiencing periods of instability. I however have a strong belief that youth and children should be involved in business and their parents need to motivate them go in that direction. We can only get out of the crises and instability if our children and youth have a different mentality and will have entrepreneurship skills. We have to teach and educate kids and youth foreign languages and introduce skills building from early age as while they grow up they will have more opportunities. We need to introduce exchange visits with other countries where youth can share knowledge and enrich their world’s view. When they return they will have connections as well as innovative ideas and desire to use their skills for the benefit of their own country.

There is a big problem in our society though as it is very conservative. Youth are not given voice as we believe that elders understand more and we have to follow their advice and judgment. Women’ voices are not given a chance at all. These are real obstacles in my opinion as we, youth, have to advocate for yourselves and be active in the political and business life of your country. As a new young generation it is our task to try our best and change the current practices so that our country becomes much safer and developed place to live.

To conclude I would strongly point out that it is my belief that it is important for children and youths to have voice in business due to following points.

v To have developed country

v To work together

v To rise educational level of our country

v To give equal rights to every countryman

Maryam Faiz

Bachelor of computer science

22 years old.

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