Why is it important for children and youth to have a voice in business?

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Why is it important for children and youth to have a voice in business? - It is important for children and youth to have a voice in business… not only in business but also in all places because they are the positive change makers.

We are the children having positive emotions and healthy mind. We are able to make and sustain better relationships and are ready to succeed with confident and positive approach among our communities. But it is important to provide us a healthy situation, quality service without corruption and help to use our resources without any discrimination in any way by means of caste, religion, colour, economy and status. We are learned from adults and our surroundings only teach us the good things. So it is the duty of everyone to consider their business without harming any children in the society in any way. For example a child grows in a fight situation may grow with that tendency; Not all the children, but there is a maximum possibility. If we surf the internet there are many positive as well as negative ways for the children, it is the duty of parents and adults to streamline the views of their child with positive ones by explaining the demerits of negative ones.

Public Medias such as newspapers only highlight the positive things in a front page attractively, because children and youth are attracted by them and read. After they have positive minds, the negative news in the other pages does not disturb them at all.

As a consumer I very much disappoint with the advertisements which are targeting the children. Most of the children and youth pass their time in front of television and video games etc. Very few movies and programmes are there which gives the moral values and habits to the younger generation instead of violence, war etc.

There should be a social recognition for children views and ideas for better improvement in one place. They should never be discouraged or avoided. Even wonderful solution may rise in their minds because they are having healthy and strong minds than elders. I challenge, the entire world is changing into green, clean, poverty free and shower of peace without corruption, terrorism etc. if the whole world be in youngsters and children hands.

- Guru (12) India.

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