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Inspired by the EUBAM summer school, its team and all of my new friends

Usually when we think about global questions, it ends like this: "So sorry, but what can I do with it?" As a general rule, our flow of thoughts stops at this point and it seems that nothing has changed in our lives. Unfortunately, it is one of many everyday lies to ourselves...

Why do I think so? Firstly, as I have already told in my previous article, each your step makes the reality change. Thoughts of this kind: "I can do nothing", "I can't deal with it", "I'm only a human in the enormously big world" and etc. will not help either. Moreover, if you share them with others, more pessimists will be born in that exact moment. Our thoughts are supposed to be contagious. This means that one day they will find their material base and will become true. Please, keep it in mind.

Secondly, quite usual thing is that people tend to deceive themselves. However, let me be clear in expression of my thoughts about this. Me and you, your family and friends - we all CAN take part in changing the world. There are many ways of making your best intentions come true. Why just not to try?

For example, I recently met new people for me and I was impressed by how much they do in order to provide people and, actually, youth with all the useful information about the European Union and its Mission. I am telling you about the EUBAM team. While attending their summer school students learn the range of interesting things about the EU, its policy, main values, traditions and activity of its institutions. The EUBAM team helps to understand deeper the essence of collaboration between the EU and neighbor countries, how to provide effective regulation and management of borders, how to prevent conflicts and, finally, how to work in a team. And that's just the programme of the 1st day!

EUBAM establishes many programmes, trainings and competitions for citizens of Moldova and Ukraine. Probably you heard about their competition among journalist or about their project “Youth against corruption”. Believe me – all of them deserve to be mentioned not only in the EUBAM annual report.

But the main point is that you really become the part of the EUBAM family during such a short period as one week. E.g. all the students were supposed to make the project within their teams. But today, while presenting our project I didn’t notice any competitors or management. I saw only friends who want to support each other. That was not only about the students, but also about our head, trainers and lecturers.

If to be honest, I was afraid that I was not good enough for this project. I sent all the necessary documents for application just to try. And I am here, with all these amazing people. Today we are the family. Hope it will stay the same tomorrow.

Returning to the main statement of this article, I can say that making even a small step, like attending the summer school, can give you much more than you waited for. You become the part of something new and this changes your attitude towards everything. One simple thought comes to your mind – everything can be changed if you want. Do not lie to yourself and make the first step towards changing the world for better. Become the part of the new world that you’ll help to build. And sharing your knowledges with others is a perfect first step, as for me.

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