Why Not Be A Feminist ?

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The world is occupied by men and women who strive to attain a height. In my everyday life, i have tried my best to affect, influence and sympathize with youths -- mostly girls. I don't know what made me stand for the right of girls, but i believe that there's a need for it. Or perhaps, it was due to my best friend untimely and unwanted pregnancy, at 16. Today, although i have no youth-led group, but i am proud to be a Feminist. Because every girls right is IMPORTANT, NECESSARY and WORTHWHILE. Most girls, don't have a means for lucrative education and proper health attention. Teenagers, get pregnant often and the spread of Hiv/Aids and other terrible diseases is alarming. Girls need guide ; someone like a mentor, to foster a change in their lives. The need for every youth to stand for the right of girls is necessary and mandatory. In a world where girls are the majority, there's a need to Advocate for girls : Social, Political, Legal and Economic rights. The Question is -- Will you Be A Feminist ?

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