Why we care about mental disorders

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Hola people,

This is the first time I am writing for this and I wanted to write about mental disorders which are affecting kids nowadays. Each and every a child born is special, which includes children born with any complication or disorder. Everyone has a right to have a proper childhood. If you know what I mean, like proper studies and healthcare. Put all that aside and what a child really needs is love to grow and be healthy. This is where parents come and play their part. Being a parent for a child with autism or any other disorder is very challenging there is no doubt about that, but f there is a will, there is a way. Parents should shower kids with love and should have loads of patience. Parents should never look down on their kids' potential and should never be ashamed to have kids with complications. Society should also be more open-minded and should come forward to help out their kids. After all, that is what makes us humans at the end of the day.

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