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Man is a social creation while society consists of both male & female. History has not defined anybody superior or inferior; neither the nature has done this, but the people, creator of history playing a very clever game here, the result of which is somewhat clear & that is the ultimate destruction of the identity as Best creation given by the Creator.

We the concerned part of the world have failed to understand what is going on in our society regarding Women only because we never go to them rather we depend upon some survey. As it’s our responsibility, so we started working to minimize the bad but never tried to find out the fact, are creating the situation & it’s the absolute wrong point for which there is no positive result despite our huge investment of our time, money, thinking & everything what we dare to do.

Here I want to mention that what we are doing today is that we are working to raise awareness among the women regarding oppression against them & its breeding what? Its resulting in increasing distance in mutual respect, love, belief between husband & wife. But this is must to ensure a better society; a peaceful world is deep respect, love, belief & dependency in between them.

I here not claiming that we are doing the truly wrong one rather want to say we are not doing 100% right, not observing the total fact, not finding out the cause but running after the result.

So what should we do now?

Besides our existing program we need to take pragmatic steps in creating the sense of responsibility, sense of humanity, sense of accountability among the male section of the society. All programs now we are taking for women only, should be introduced to man simultaneously & spontaneously.

Then we can hope for a society, the society we dream to have, the world we dream to live...

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