Yes, We Need An Integrated Regulation

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I was a college student before I decided to move out of the college to take next year's entrance test. My college was located in East Jakarta, in the Jakarta Capital Region. Every week day I took public transportation to get there since it's the easiest access. In Jakarta, the best known fastest mass transportation system is called TransJakarta Busway. It has it's own path facilitated by the province government.

My personal opinion as to why the fastest service is given to Jakartans and to convince the Jakartans to take public transportation, is they don't need to undergo the traffic jam along the way. At first, many tried, then many went away, and got back to their personal vehicles. But many still choose it too. Till now, TransJakarta still operates.

The thing is actually not many passengers take it. As Jakarta grows each day, the traffic jam is getting crazier. TransJakarta path has become the target to get through the traffic jam, especially for personal vehicles. It saddens me every time when I am on board because I see many personal vehicles, not only motorcycles but also cars that I don't know. What is on their mind to hit the path separator and abuse the Transjakarta path and seem not guilty for doing so?

What has been done to prevent traffic jams?

1. Placing more official people along the path to stop people trying to get in. This makes the separator higher.

2. A gate was built so that people could not get on the path any more.

But everything seems to be in vain and not optimal. Apparently, everything that the government does to make a good service always get screwed by irresponsible people. And now, the government has a new unbelievably super mind-blowing policy. That for those who enter the transjakarta path they will be fined one million rupiahs. At first, yes, it sounds so crazy. But think again, thinking about what people have done, I think one million rupiahs is a good policy to make people stop abusing the transjakarta path.

Speaking about the regulation, many pros and cons appear after the coming of the new regulation. Some say it's way ridiculous and many agree (including me) with this new regulation. The cons apparently keep airing everywhere. Many media outlets talk about this sterilization regulation. Many debate it. Is it the right thing that the government helps to solve not only the service of transjakarta but also the traffic jam in Jakarta?

This gets interesting. I watched 'Satu Meja' or 'One Table' on a local channel last night and they mostly talked about the new regulation on sterilizing the transjakarta path. They invited some experts and a community committing to bike to work. There, they discussed either the newly made regulation good or not and how strong this regulation can overcome the hard-to-solve traffic jam problem.

An expert, if I am not mistaken, in urban studies said that the newly made regulation is good. But it's not enough to solve the whole traffic jam related problems. Transjakarta, he said, serves certain segments. MRT, the soon jakarta mass transport, will serve certain segments too. "We need more mass transports. MRT is not enough, and so is transjakarta busway."

He also added that we also need to integrate our train as an economist transportation for many people. In Japan, they have approximately 1500 kms path connecting the trains to many spots. (if I am not mistaken, again. Sorry I didn't catch the exact number). While in Indonesia, we only have 150 kms path. Seeing that, with the exploding mass that keeps on increasing, we have to integrate our services and facilities for people.

I agree that we need more than integrated facilities. The big solution of all solutions is an integrated solution. Everything will be in vain eventually if we don't have significant integrated regulation. For example we have integrated our facilities and public transportation. But there's no significant regulation to make people prefer public transportation to personal vehicles, traffic jam will never be overcome.

Thus, I do believe that to solve this problem, government is not only concerned about the integrated facilities like building more mass transports, but also the integrated regulation. Lastly, I, as a Jakartan, I also believe that to make Jakarta better we can't just rely on government. We also have to do it together, follow the rules and regulations for our own good.

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