Young Malagasy: Where Is Your Entrepreneurial Spirit?


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According to a recent survey, 90% of young people in Madagascar want to be civil servants. This is mainly due to the fact that it is the most secured job in Madagascar and the only one which provides a high level of income. The issue here is that young people do not want to participate in the economic life of the country. Why are they losing their entrepreneurial spirit?

90% of the economy is instead run by foreigners like Indians, Chinese and French people. Moreover, there are still a lot of sectors which are no covered by them. So why do they let foreigners control the economy?

Young Malagasy do not dare to act; they are afraid to take risks. Moreover, they always think they don't have the means to act so they are incapable of having ideas without getting the necessary funds.

Few young Malagasy take part actively into the life of the country. They have no stand, no business, and no confirmed identity. They are creative but their innovative ideas are not encouraged. And yet, there are still some NGOs which claim to support young people.

The education system should be changed as it focuses too much on academic performance rather than on practical skills .

It is time for young Malagasy to show their pragmatic side. Do not worry to act. Try, if you fail, start again; try until you reach your goal. Build the Madagascar of your dream.

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