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Awesome experiences with it.

Awesome experiences with it.

Well, this is my experience with the Mercon Program, that's a charity event. This event really taught me how I should not waste money and time. There are so many unlucky children, they can't go to school, they can't eat 3 times in a day, and they can't buy everything they really need. But, the what I appreciate most about this event is when you've got the happiest feeling when you can help others who are in need.

This charity event was held on 15 July - 3 August 2013. We collected funds and stuff like books, clothes, and so much more. On 4 - 5 August 2013 we went to the Darul Falah Foundation and the Lemah Duwur Foundation. There are so many unlucky children in these villages which are Adiwerna and Harjosari.

So, the conclusion of these experiences that I got is :

1. Youth should take a positive action, we should help each other as much as we can

2. Sometimes you should join a charity event just so you know that you must be thankful for what you achieve now

3. Don't waste your money and time, you have to think again before doing anything in case you use your money for unimportant things

Yeah, that's it, so I guess we are a youth generation and there should more be more youth realizing and taking our action to the global level, the world needs us, and the world is waiting us to take a high level. Take an action from now!!!

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