Youth, business, and our futures

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Business is a field that undertakes less advantages because most citizens work formally or informally. Youth have the ability to be creative and innovative. We have the potential to undertake whatever we want. Let us remember that smaller ideas are those that can be developed into large projects.

Children and young people can shape the future and can find the ability to use their knowledge and ideas exponentially to turn them into projects to achieve financial stability and be self-sustaining. The can contribute to building a better quality of life for their community and family, and at the same time create jobs and move the economy.

Business is the foundation of the economy, but it depends on leadership, dedication, and work. I've always said, the future is linked to the next generations, and children and young people the basis from it. It is good to motivate young people and children to create entrepreneurship. It is very likely that it may be linked to their abilities and / or interests and even many times it may favor the vulnerable population as well as people with disabilities.

I have had the opportunity to see the scope of small projects. For example, people with disabilities and and how they can move frontiers. It is amazing to see how to motivate them to do something they like, and that it can easily be their livelihood in the future. I think that's great.

It is not easy to start a business project, but it is not impossible… I know that many times it could easily become large projects which can generate employment and meet the needs of communities. Many successful cases today are the bi-product of small ideas. I am absolutely sure that that is what we should encourage because after all the lack of opportunities should not be a deterrent for people that seeking to improve their quality of life and that of his/her family. At my school for example, students in the last three grades of secondary schooling are motivated to start a business especially in the technical program SENA training. In this training, we demonstrate our leadership and we can then make it a reality. The result of this is reflected in a small institutional fair organized once a year at the school. We can see the potential of our work in real life.

So a business project is a good way to start because it helps to explore our capabilities and, this may be a tool that anyone can use for the future…

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