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Music for the better world.

Music for the better world.

It is very important that the business world hear the voice of children and young people, because we are the catalyst for new visions and opinions. Most young people are connected to the planet and we are the largest consumers in the world.

As a user online I have gotten to disseminate my music for a better world through social networks. And in this way I have received help and support of the internet users, who have published my music and my initiatives for a better world.

Companies need to support these causes by helping the youth to build their capacity in communication because we are moving and uniting a new generation for the benefit of humanity. As a consumer of the music industry for example: before purchasing any product I check the quality of the transmitted message. So we know how to select that which really is good.

Technology is our ally in the world where many youths gather together and form new reviews, hence the music business shall truly listen what young people are seeking: good quality music that do reflect the reality Worldwide, creating new visions with the reality.

It is important that businesses listen and support children and youths, our generation is highly intelligent and connected. Therefore need to worry about what they put on the market because directly affect in the formation of opinion, which also affects the global economy.

With the music always I transmit the message of the current reality, and in this way we may move crowds of young people with true reviews and we will become one generation more secure and no costumes.

Ever thought how music manages to bring people together?

Think of a beneficent tour.

How many people in this world can we help?

How many young people can be part of this movement? Transforming this generation beings operating for our world?

The music industry needs to be rethought, need to pay attention in children and youngsters to translate that truly need for the future.

The companies should always be concerned with children and youths because we are the future of the nation.

Ingrid, Brazil

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