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Why Does Female Circumcision Take Place And What Are The Risks?

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15 years old and 4 months Pregnant!

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Upon our arrival at Barsaloi in Samburu North (North-west Kenya), to coordinate and Facilitate a Gender based Violence response and prevention workshop, We got information that one woman had suffered injuries on her left arm that very night, after being battered by her brother in law. This incident caused a slight unrest in the small town that is out of network coverage and lacks hydro-electric power supply. The lady was rushed to the Catholic hospital nearby. During the workshop,...

Female Genital Mutilation Continues

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It’s not very well publicised in the West but Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a very widespread barbarian practice carried out under the guise of cultural tradition. This bestial activity which usually involves the removal of the clitoris with crude implements or even razor blades and broken glass is primarily but not exclusively justified by Islamic teaching. Most Muslims will argue that FGM is only insisted upon by fringe elements or what Westerners might better understand a...

A 32-minute documentary on The Guardian narrates the story of two girls in a village in rural Kenya who refuse to undergo genital mutilation and a grassroots organization that tries to promote an alternative to this dangerous and painful rite of passage.