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Learn by happiness, not by pressure

Publicado 6 de marzo de 2014 no picture Fanny Simme

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Learn from happiness, not by pressure The politicians here in Sweden are worried, the Swedish students results in the PISA tests (Programme for International Student Assessment) are not approving, right now Sweden is low down on the list. Everybody knows that we need to change something in the way Swedish schools are structured. We look up to the high-scoring country South Korea, and trying to understand what they are doing right, and what we are missing. But are they good role...

Don't Shoot 'em Down

Publicado 21 de noviembre de 2013 no picture Cynthiia Joseph

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Young children are full of questions and thoughts on the world. It is normal to see a child being shut up by their elders whenever they have a question or something to say. It's actually a huge loss everytime that happens. Because, we learn from the young ones. As inexperienced as they may be, there's always a message behind what they are trying to say. I, myself, being a teenager have experienced such situations repeated times. Mostly with my parents. Yes, we, young ones are o...