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Ebola versus education

Publicado 31 de octubre de 2014 Avatar KateVOY

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By Kamanda (19), Plan Global Youth Advisory Panel (GYAP) member. Just 12 years ago my country started revitalising its education system after the civil war had destroyed almost everything. Today, the deadly Ebola virus is destroying our education systems once again. Schools have closed down indefinitely and lessons or classes are banned. Our tutors are paid but they give no lessons, some of them no longer study or research their own subjects. Candidates of external exams...

Scholarships play a vital role in education

Publicado 30 de octubre de 2014 no picture Eric Mbotiji

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Taking a walk down the streets of Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon, I overheard two young people conversing. They were comparing their standards and level of education. One of them talked about how he has gone to a professional university and will soon be enrolling to do his masters program. His friend heaved, sighed, and said he wished his dream of becoming an agricultural engineer could be a reality but his parents cannot afford for the cost of training him to a professi...

A different family in the local news

Publicado 26 de octubre de 2014 Avatar Pao Suárez

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A few days ago an LGBTI organization in Chile launched a children comic-book meant for kids to understand what family means outside the spectrum of conservative education and social prejudice that they are surrounded by. And the media went crazy on the topic - parents, teachers, young people and adults took a minute to have their say about the issue. Some people recognized it was necessary to teach at early ages values and realities that we should face with tolerance and respec...

Education, Education, Education... The Power of Education

Publicado 24 de octubre de 2014 no picture Children's Radio Foundation

Youth Participation: What We Need

Publicado 23 de octubre de 2014 Avatar Abdul Mufeez Shaheed

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Recently I have had the opportunity to chair 2 or 3 events (in Morocco) which deal with youth and their participation in the society. I was delighted yet surprised to see the level of enthusiasm that was shown by the participants. One of the event was an AIESEC- Morocco initiative called "Youth Leadership Day- Morocco in 10 years time". There were speakers from all backgrounds and nationalities who spoke on issues such as Women Empowerment, Ebola, Youths in Africa, Participatio...

What do you want to be in the future? A Career woman or a housewife?

Publicado 23 de octubre de 2014 Avatar Aulia Maharani Karli

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It’s been 4 months since the last time I posted my article on VOY. I’ve been feeling too busy going through my maturation process. I’m talking here as me, as what I’ve been feeling, how do I see myself and not based on someone’s feeling or point of view. As I’ve been growing up, there are so many things have changed in the way I see myself, from a teenage girl to a young woman, from the sensitive one to be more logical, concern of my body shape and changes also occur in...

Youth voices must be heard in Kurdistan Region

Publicado 21 de octubre de 2014 Avatar Avin Omar

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When the current leaders of Kurdistan get older and die… Who will lead? In the 21st century the power that is leading the world is youth's, but in Kurdistan it's Old’s. Whether it is good or bad, is a different story. The first independent Kurdish Government was declared in 1992 and after 2003 when the Baath Regime in Iraq was ended, the Region became more stable and economic growth started to raise rapidly, many doors were opened for globalization; hundreds of National...

Monique Jansen

Publicado 20 de octubre de 2014 no picture Children's Radio Foundation

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Monique Jansen is from Atlantis in Cape Town, shares her learning journey within the Children's Radio Foundation and how her life has changed since joining Teen Express youth reporters.

Stop the mourns Ebola!

Publicado 16 de octubre de 2014 no picture Angkush

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-As you make steps further, menacing to engulf the human race pitilessly, we plead: Kindly spare us. - We are a flawed species, with different views. Be it a curse from God or our own negligence, we plead: Forgive us wholeheartedly. - Our tears bear testimony of the pain felt when seeing our dear ones dying, we plead: Soothe our ongoing cries. -You've shaken the world of many, taking them away with you, we plead: Blunt your axe please. - We are used to being bruised and pained,...

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