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Voices of Youth Inspire! "Be your own leader, and believe in that leader"

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From January 13th to 17th, the 4th Pan-African Youth Leadership Summit was held in Dakar (Senegal). Voices Of Youth was there and interviewed young participants, among which Zandi Mqwathi, 31, from South Africa. VOY: Tell us about yourself and why are you here today I am a young leader, writer, blogger, and HIV/AIDS advocate in South Africa. I was designated as the focal point for ROJARLU (network of African UN young leaders) in South Africa. I am passionate about change in A...

Lessons Learned from Nelson Mandela

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I want to dedicate this article for Nelson Mandela, a true leader that has inspired me in so many ways. On July, 18, 1918. A baby boy named Rolihlahla Mandela was born in Mvezo, a tiny village in the Transkei, a former British protectorate in South Africa. He then recalls growing up in the small village of Qunu. You may find “Rohilahla Mandela” unfamiliar, but yeah, I’m talking about Nelson Mandela, a statesman whose life and death inspire millions of people around the wo...

A Special Tribute to Nelson Mandela

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I want to pay my tribute to the great man, who, with the power of education and immense courage changed the picture of South Africa.. He should be highly respected as he endured a lot for the freedom of his country. May god send him to heaven. He has fought against race discrimination which is the main cause of many deprivation of human rights. He was tortured, ill things have been said about him, but he still stood straightforward for the cause he supported. People of his country and of the...