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Because of Finance, Students are Banned to take a School Test

Publicado 24 de febrero de 2014 no picture Achmad

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Oh my God, schools are the determinants of some imperative positive activities of students. The right activities will generate students to be the best students, whereas the deviated activities will bring about students to behave improperly. However, formal regulations determined by educational stakeholders will not absurdly affect students in the right and or in the wrong. Although regulations which are defined by stakeholders as inappropriate, students do not receive an allowance to...

What can we do as youth representatives?

Publicado 6 de diciembre de 2013 Avatar José David Mendoza Acevedo

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I am José David Mendoza. I am 15 years old and live in Colombia. I currently study in technical and administrative assistance in National Service for Training SENA in high school. I knew the work of Child & Youth Finance International during the Global Money Week in March this year. I participated in a series of activities that took place in my school for an initiative of SENA. Since the moment I committed to the program it led me to be a speaker at the IV Latin American Con...