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"Giving is the best thing in life"

Publicado 16 de septiembre de 2014 Avatar María Barba

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Certain coincidences changed the life of Lucia Lantero. Lucia is a young Spanish woman. She met a French boy who told her he was going to Haiti to help the people after the earthquake with his knowledge of food conservation. She remembered what she had seen in the TV about the earthquake and decided to join him for 3 months. It's heartbreaking how she tells what she felt when she met Haitian children living in the street of the Dominican Republic with no families at all. Sh...

Importance of being a global citizen in this multicultural world

Publicado 11 de febrero de 2014 no picture Hayagrish_GEMConnect_Chennai_India

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Greetings, I am Hayagrish, a student of Lalaji Memorial Omega International School in Chennai, India and I would like to share my views on the importance of being a global citizen in this multicultural world. Every problem in the world, every global conflict whether it takes place hundreds of thousands of miles away, or right next door, is a global one. It’ll take a global effort with global citizens to stop them. We have a duty to protect each other as humans. It is time tha...

"The most important thing to think about is the message" - Lotin Peterson

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Meet Lotin Peterson from Haiti, another young film maker who has taken part in PLURAL+. Watch his video here. What is your video about? I did my video about migration, diversity, social inclusion and identity. When I was making "WE ARE IMPORTANT IN THE WORLD", the message I wanted to convey, it’s no matter where you are, if you ask the question, if you are important in the world? No matter who you are, your social position, your country, your skin color, our difference does...

Meet Wadley, An Optimistic and Brave Girl

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Haitian writer, Edwidge Danticat, shares the amazing story of Wadley, a courageous and bright young girl who lives in a camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Adolescents use smartphones to map and change their community

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17 year old Daniela is somewhat of an expert on HIV/AIDS. She knows how the disease is transmitted and how to protect herself, and she shares this information with her friends. Daniela is one of 24 adolescents from the vulnerable neighbourhoods of Cité Plus and Village de Dieu in Port au Prince to have participated in the Voices of Youth Maps initiative. The adolescents mapped HIV risk and vulnerability catalysts in their communities, using smartphones to record the geo-locati...

View Finder Workshop Haiti 2013

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