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Young Reporters become Global Citizens for change

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Voices of Youth Kicks off in South Africa During the month of November, some of the young reporters were introduced to VOY Connect. This was done during the radio production trainings that were organized by Children's Radio Foundation, together with UNICEF. The young reporters were trained and guided on how to make a global impact with their stories by participating on VOY Connect. They learned what VOY Connect is; the importance of making their voices heard globally using diff...

Radiohead's Colin Greenwood in Mzansi with Children's Radio Foundation!

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The Great Ambassador Colin Greenwood was here in South Africa and caught a glimpse of what the young reporters get up to during their radio productions. Listen to his interview at Moutse FM with the young reporters and our own Baby girl (youth facilitator) as well as his interview with 5FM DJ Fresh (aka Thato Sikwane) and be inspired.