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Namaste! #UNSLCD Kicks Off Here!

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Namaste! Wonderful opening statements from our 5 participating countries. UN Student Leadership Conference on Development kicked off this morning at the UN in New York in a videoconference. Student leaders of the conference, Andres from Colegio Carol Baur of Mexico and Kelly from USA gave their opening remarks for the conference before the videoconferencing sites were introduced. A resounding Namaste was heard from Chennai India who “expressed profound gratitude for being...

Why did Michael Jackson change his skin colour?

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Why Michael Jackson changed his skin colour? It has always been a mystery to me why Michael Jackson, King of Pop, changed his skin from black to white. Some people say it may have been due to a disease called vitilgo which cause white splotches on skin. But a lot of people suspect that it is due to one cause which exists even today: RACISM. Michael Jackson, an American actor, businessman, dancer, producer, singer and philanthropist, was said to have surpassed even Elvis Presl...

From a child labourer to child right activists: om prakash gurjar

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om prakash gurjar is a child's right activists in India who is known for winning the International Children's Peace Prize for his work in fighting for and promoting the right to education of children. His work involves the establishment of numerous bal mitra grams (child friendly villages) all over the country to shelter the children who are freed from harsh child labor. Having gone through a very different situation himself when he was 5, being a victim of child servitude, has ded...

An insight into an Indian woman worker’s life

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**The women's names in this post have been altered to just the first letter for anonymity.** After a lot of heated discussions and debates about the violation of women’s rights, it suddenly struck me that maybe we were looking too far. Why not start off right at our backyard? Our school employs hundreds of women from poor backgrounds in the housekeeping department. Surely, they could tell us all about the issues and problems that they face! So we approached the head of the ho...

Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom!

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Violence against women is not a new or recent phenomenon. Women have been the victims of violence in all societies, cultures regions or religious communities in the world. Today violence against women in India is alarmingly high. According to one estimate, there are about thirty specific forms of violence being committed against women from the pre-natal stage to their death and one in four women experience domestic violence during her life time. Such forms include foeticide, infant...

Practise what you preach.

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Each of us has gone through the stage in our lives where we are bound by our liking and not by our responsibilities. We unhesitantly do things because we want to, not by need or necessity. Throwing tantrums for getting the newest of the candies and the hardest of the choices to choose the best one. Our childhood seems to be something that is unforgettable. But, is it really the same for each one of us? In this 21st century, aren’t some of us still victims of discrimination based...

Think About Them Before Celebrating Diwali

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Every time a sparkle lights in the sky, spare a thought of Chitra- one of the nearly 40,000 children toiling away in Sivakasi district fireworks and match industry. She has her burnt half her face and body. Her mother complains that it would cost Rs. 2,00,000 for the child's plastic surgery and that no one has helped her daughter. The economy is one of the reasons responsible for child labour. Poverty forces parents to send their children to work in these industries. Employers take advantag...


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When it comes to discussions on human rights, everyone focuses on the right to life, right to clothing, right to housing, right to work, equality, freedom of expression and so on. No one really cares about electricity. Can you imagine a day without electricity? Oh, come on! We get depressed if we don’t get internet for a day! The problem is it is considered a privilege. When we talk about electricity, we think of it as a “want” such as for using computers, televisions and...

Child Labour in India (Bhopal): Cruel Cycles

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Around the globe, more than 13% of children (10-14 years) are employed. India and America are the major Child Labour spots. There are over 246 million children in India and among them, 25 million are estimated to be employed. These children work for 15- 21 hours a day! This is unacceptable and wrong. Children should be made to go to school. 5- 18 is the age to learn, not earn! Most of these kids are employed in hazardous industries due to which they fall ill and in many cases, lose...

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