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Ghana Child Mining problem

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I am a student from a school in Jakarta called Jakarta Intercultural School, and my name is Patrick. I am writing this letter in the hopes of bringing a certain problem to attention. The problem at hand are the current situations where children are forced to work in the mines, for whatever circumstance that drives them to. In Ghana children work in mines and other places, but the most prominent problem may be mining. First of all, to give a general overview of the total situa...

Mining in a National Park: The Case of Lower Zambezi

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The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) in the past few weeks rejected a proposal by Australia’s Zambezi Resources to develop a US $494-million opencast copper mine in lower Zambezi national park because of environmental concerns. This came into effect after this autonomous body (ZEMA) carried out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EPA) which revealed several issues which included the copper leach process whose affluence could have affected with the ecosystem. Zambia i...

A Different Way of Playing

Publicado 25 de enero de 2014 no picture Aljira Fitya

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If you have assume that every child and youth has a life like ours, you seriously need to do some more reading. Life like ours? What does that even mean? It's a lifestyle that involves a cycle of going to school and applying to college to get a degree for your career. The things you have to overcome are (extreme) competition, laziness and peer pressure to say the least. If that's the environment your living in, similar to my description, then you're more than blessed. Out there...