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Publicado 16 de diciembre de 2014 Avatar Maurice Eze

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Our ENVIRONMENT and the activities in it revolves around man. We are the regulators of both physical, social, economical and technological activities in our natural as well as built environment. Over the years, the socio-economic activities of man has disrupted the ecosystem and it keeps getting worse by the day. As human population increases on a daily basis, the habitat is altered and destroyed. There is a continuous impact on natural resourses as they get compromised and dep...

Global Warming : A Reality or just a flawed theory?

Publicado 14 de diciembre de 2014 no picture Voicesofyouth22

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Ever since i learnt about global warming and its effects, i got all geared up for doing something towards preventing it. But now, i am doubtful if is it a reality or just a theory. i have heard from both the sides and i am just confused. the layman knows that global warming is happening but the ones who have really delved in it know have divided opinions. some just acknowledge it, some say its just a lie while others strongly believe in it and its harmful effects. here is what i have gathered (f...

Protecting the Environment is everyone's duty

Publicado 10 de diciembre de 2014 no picture Lucia Kaiyue Zhan

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Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. For example, cars have made the air unhealthy for people to breathe as well as poisonous gas is given off by factories. Trees on the hills have been cut down and waste water is being poured continuously into rivers.Furthermore, wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. Pollution is, in fact, threatening our existence. The earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for...

Morgan Freeman's Powerful Climate Change Short Film

Publicado 3 de diciembre de 2014 no picture Ethan_SJHSGlobalStudies_Hammonton_USA

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This is a very powerful video that shows how we are the generation that will either be remembered as the generation that destroyed its home or the one that saved it.

Let's Look to the Future of the Environment As Well

Publicado 25 de noviembre de 2014 Avatar Shivani Gupta

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In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan took over 10,000 lives in the Philippines, leaving the island country devastated. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011 killed about 19,000 people and released nuclear radiation into the soil. These recent weather disasters can be explained by global warming. In fact, recently severe climate events are the result of weather change that is being caused by human activities. Global warming is characterized by an increase in temperatures, which causes...

Leaving our lives in the hands of Heads of State

Publicado 11 de noviembre de 2014 no picture Angélique Pouponneau

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I am writing this post after a whole day of observing negotiations at the ministerial meeting of Small Islands States in preparation for climate change summit in Lima. I was placed at a table towards the back on the room with a clear label: OBSERVER. A few government officials of the Seychelles came to visit to tease that now they were being observed they could feel more pressure. I am sure they were only teasing but I answered to confirm of course I am observing all to hold you ac...

Displaced by climate- what is your legal status?

Publicado 6 de noviembre de 2014 no picture Angélique Pouponneau

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It has already started. The effects of climate change have meant that people are being forced to migrate. A case of a family from Tuvalu applied for asylum in New Zealand and although it was granted it was on humanitarian ground on the basis that there had close ties in NZ. In fact the bulk of the case was on the premise that they were being affected by climate change. This decision has drawn attention to the Refugee convention in place. The Refugee Convention currently in place do...

Green Footsteps

Publicado 5 de noviembre de 2014 no picture Daanial Chaudhry

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You may have read the title and wondered what on earth I'm on about. But I'm worried; worried that we are slowly destroying our world. Global warming - the increased used of carbon by man which has exacerbated the greenhouse effect, is taking it's toll. Ice sheets are melting. Rivers are flooding. And temperatures are rising. Some might argue that all of the above are as a result of the earth's natural cycle of heating and cooling, known more commonly as climate change. But over 80% of scienti...

Transport Maroantsetra

Publicado 14 de octubre de 2014 Avatar Eraldo_Connecte_Madagascar

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In Maroantsetra, the main roads of the inhabitants are the waterway. The villages are connected by waterways. Therefore, water plays a very important role in the economy. Yet people practice shifting cultivation or Tavy and damage much of the primary forest. When the forest begins to disappear, sand and sludge discharge into waterways. Tree roots have set them before. The rain also becomes irregular. One can even say that the cause of the climate change comes from the slash and b...

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