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Am Black and Proud...

Publicado 15 de diciembre de 2014 no picture Cadmus Atake-E

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Am black and proud am glad to be black no matter d tribes they can never steal my pride black is my nature and culture black is my structure black is my texture black is d future I can never give up my nature/culture/structure /texture no matter their pressure I will always stand by nature to protect and defend her treasures am proud to be a black man from Africa, the cradle of civilization, the seat of greatness, the land of riches an...


Publicado 5 de diciembre de 2014 Avatar Maurice Eze

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Life is like a melodious song waiting to be played or sung; Be it an elegy, Be it a lullaby, Sad or Happy, its all a melody Its lyrics are written per line On the pages of history over time; In our deeds and actions, It shows forth in our reactions Choose to be an agent of good, Break down the walls of pride and prejudice; Put smiles in all faces around your hood Think equality, stand for justice; Avoid conflicts and all acts of viol...

Open Season

Publicado 4 de diciembre de 2014 Avatar Anisah

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Skin as brown as dust They look at you They judge you Bang Bang They shoot you down Skin the color of dark chocolate Stripped of name Stripped of culture Stripped of freedom Stripped of justice A child still yet to become an adult Victimized and criminalized Shot down by vigilantes Shot down by law enforcement Guilty by way of courts Chained chocolate child No protection from the law No protection in the hood...

You Are A Miracle

Publicado 13 de noviembre de 2014 no picture Fasoranti Damilola

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MIRACLES! How many people did you touch today? How many people did your eyes see today? How many people did you speak to today? How many things did you think about today? Those numbers are significant! Think! Miracle is defined as something remarkable, phenomenal, beyond genius, amazingly unbelievable. Yes, you are amazing beyond words, you are unique beyond description, you have the ability to think and become extraordinary at any point in your li...

How to Die Completely Empty

Publicado 14 de septiembre de 2014 no picture Fasoranti Damilola

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Million of ideas cook up in our mental stoves Minute by minute our minds travel miles away If wishes were horses, beggars might ride Messages get lost in the noise The tide falls and rises The ocean tongue licks the seashore. The tail of the lion wiggles joyfully at the prey The tune of the music pours fragrance on the soul We follow a path while limitless trail exist We fiddle with the wind, rather than generate a fortune from it We feel comfort...

Is smoking fair?

Publicado 29 de agosto de 2014 Avatar MariaJoseCelis

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This week im doing something a bit different, I'm going to write a poem, I decided to write a poem because I see a lot of articles and thought this would be contrasting. Is smoking fair? You light a cigarette And your lungs cry out Is smoking fair? You breathe in the cigarette While her parents cry out She's hooked up to a breathing machine Is smoking fair? You exhale the smoke She struggles She cant breathe Her lungs collap...

7 Billion to One

Publicado 24 de agosto de 2014 no picture misstbn101

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7 Billion to One That’s quite a ratio Now ask yourself this Which side is greater? Which side is worth more? Most will probably say 7 Billion: easy Now I ask you this Imagine a time you were picked on In school, online And then you told yourself you were fine But you weren’t For when you thought of that 7 billion to one you only though of that ONE Because ONE person did something to make you feel bad Sad, unloved, depressed, mad Then...


Publicado 17 de julio de 2014 no picture Kriyana Reddy

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Poppies Humanity is a field of poppies. Tepid summers pluck seedlings and rest them in sodden plains. Each bursts roots thrusting into soil of eons past. Folding, bending, twisting and contorting… Running together like schoolchildren in the village None have foreseen the winter to come. Frigid winds strike with savage intentions. Acrid, adverse, and ablaze in spite… At first the seedlings hold together, but soon they desert one another. Spring arri...

Power of Poetry--War

Publicado 29 de enero de 2014 no picture Kriyana Reddy

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Poetry is a powerful form of communication and expression. In fact, the very foundation of poetry is based on emotion and sentiment which seeks to make itself universal in its plight, understood by everyone. If there is one thing that every person in every generation can understand, it is war. I decided to use poetry to convey the thoughts of the greats about war. Enjoy! Nefarious War--Li Po (c. 750) Last year we fought by the head-stream of the So-Kan, This year we are fight...